Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday Rouen Market Day
I may be biased however Normandy is a very beautiful region. The Norman countryside is gentle and pretty, with many rural areas appearing little changed for centuries. Apple orchards, silver beaches, colourful fishing boats and bustling harbours, incredible markets every day of the week.... who could want more? And atmosphere... Normandy has it all. Farmers markets and general markets are held in the towns and villages as in days gone by, and these are a source of delight to all who never tire of their charm and amazing fresh produce. Our Sundays usually start with a trip to the Place St Marc in Rouen...pictured above. We begin with grand steaming cups of cafe & freshly baked croissants at one of the many bars and cafes that surround the market place. After sustenance it's off to market shop. Alex and I usually hit the food stores while Pete and my Dad head straight for the brocante market at the back end of the market. It is very unusual for someone not to come home with a treasure. Today Alex picked up a few Xmas presents including tiny sterling silver timbales for her dear old Mummy!
My Dad purchased a gorgeous little Norman clock today which has a hand written note that it originated from Bosgouet!!!...Dad is thrilled and as I write he is down in his workshop tinkering away, restoring his new clock. Pete found 2 fabulous red leather bound piles of Paris Match Magazines from the 50's. Me....well I filled my trolley with hot chickens, a big hunk of Parmesan cheese, strawberries, baguettes, hot ham, baby roquette, new season clementines. It's a Sunday tradition in our home to sit and have a Sunday Market lunch fuss just great market food that can be quickly plattered up when we return from the market and eaten at leisure as we sit, chat and as was the case today...ohhh and ahhh at every ones treasures!

Oh and I bought a beautiful bunch of garden roses and a pink silk ribbon to take as a gift for my friend Beatrice when we go for dinner tonight!..... I love Sunday market days.
Au Demain

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