Sunday, February 17, 2013

The French Table: 2014 dates

June 5-12: Chateau Bosgouet 
June 12-19: Bordeaux 
June 26-July 3: Chateau Bosgouet 
July 11-18: Chateau Bosgouet 
July 18-25: In the footsteps of Julia Child 
August 1-8: Chateau Bosgouet 
August 8-15: Champagne 
August 20-27: Chateau Bosgouet 
September 1-8: Chateau Bosgouet 
September 14-28: A Circle of France 
December 8-15: Xmas markets of Normandy 
January 20-27, 2015: Chateau Bosgouet

Saturday, February 16, 2013

What Im Reading: French Children Don't throw Food By Pamela Druckerman

I've relished every page of this parenting book with all its true to life "secrets from Paris"
This book has been getting a lot of press because it taps into a hotly contested issue, namely the art of parenting!!
The premise here is that there really is a huge difference in the way French mothers parent..... 
I've loved every page of this candid look at the cultural differences between French parenting and that of British and American parents.